Machining and Fabrication Strategic Sourcing Lead (Houston, TX)- 0619

Job Description

Reports to Director, Strategic Sourcing

Machining and Fabrication Strategic Sourcing Lead will use its in-depth word wide Machining and Fabrication sourcing expertise to promote an optimize company’s sourcing process aiming to reduce costs and increase value with suppliers. This will be achieved by developing strategic sourcing plans of action; building relationships with suppliers; negotiating cost and developing agreements that ultimately help a company grow and become more profitable.

  • Build Relationships with Suppliers
    • To facilitate the sourcing process, the Sourcing Specialist forms relationships with important suppliers in the industry word wide. It’s important that Sourcing Specialists maintain relationships with their suppliers to ensure continual improvement in sourcing.
  • Strategic sourcing Plan and Negotiate Deals
    • Sourcing Specialists will support the supply chain management to elaborate a strategic sourcing plan as well as will support the deals and contracts negotiation with suppliers which will include pricing, quantity, and delivery schedules. Should anything change in the sourcing process, they’re responsible to inform supply chain management and support new contracts negotiations as well.
  • Draft Contracts
    • The Sourcing Specialist then drafts detailed contracts to be reviewed by both company’s supply chain management and legal department as well as by the supplier. They work in conjunction with legal counsel and their supervisors to include all the details of their negotiation. Once the contract is complete they submit necessary paperwork and communication with all involved in the process (company and supplier).
  • Understand Machining and Fabrication sourcing word wide supply industry
    • Must have an in-depth knowledge of word wide pipe supply industry. Must understand its ins and outs to know how to effectively source it, and they also must have knowledge of all key players and suppliers in the industry.
  • Global Action: Must source globally
  • Procurement Duties
    • Facilitate companywide RFQ process.
    • Material Estimating/Quoting for engineered projects.
    • Data mine and seek out new suppliers and coordinate with key decision makers in Engineering, Sales, Production, Procurement, etc.
    • Vet new potential suppliers
    • Conduct supplier analysis evaluate potential suppliers, and with minimal supervision coordinate the overall supplier qualification process.
    • Negotiate with suppliers to meet quality, delivery, and cost objectives.
    • Develop and implement sourcing strategies to support overall business goals and provide company with a competitive advantage.
    • Reporting of supplier performance, including quality, delivery, service, and cost.
    • Evaluate and recommend purchasing and sourcing decisions to management.
    • Maintain preferred sources/suppliers within ERP software.
  • Administrative/General
    • Assist in development, review, and maintenance of processes, procedures and guidelines.
    • Provide input to management regarding improvements to processes and procedures.

Job Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s Degree required in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Preferred Certifications: 

  • Certified in Production and Inventory Management
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional
  • International experience 

Experience: 15 + years of exposure in O&G manufacturing industry, working in supply chain with emphasis in resourcing machining and Fabrication processes.

Personal Skills:

  • The drive, energy and initiative to achieve continuous improvement
  • Ability to influence peers and leaders
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written)
  • Strong negotiation skills for interacting with Sourcing and Suppliers
  • Team player, still able to act independent


  • Advanced familiarity with O&G equipment – parts machining and Fabrication processes.
  • Showing proficiency in basic computer applications. Proficiency with Microsoft Office required.
  • Having sourcing experience
  • Demonstrating deep understanding of Machining and Fabrication Industry
  • Experience with ERP is required .
  • Strong communication (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills (builds relationships) required.
  • Multi-level drawings reading and technical competence.
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Preferred – Speak languages further than English: preferentially: Italian and/or Mandarin and or Indian.

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